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It’s still hard to believe

I was a wrestler, weight lifter and a very active person. I also worked a desk job ( PhD candidate in biology). TOS pain came on strong and fast. it became debilitating rapidly. I sought help with no avail. I went to 12 orthopedic surgeons, 4 spine surgeons, 3 neurologists and countless physical therapists who all had no idea what was wrong with me ( MRI on spine and shoulder unremarkable, unremarkable nerve conduction study).
I was referred to pain management and for 6 years I was on large doses of opiates daily just to function, which affected my work negatively and my health extremely negatively. I was able to diagnose myself with TOS (my background helps, but this was later confirmed by several surgeons amongst whom, Richard J. Sanders) and I had surgery to remove a cervical rib and the first rib and the scalenes ( were extremely hypertrophied from wrestling) which didn’t work. I had a second surgery 6 months later which helped a little bit but the pain came back after 6 months as bad as ever.

I am a man enough to admit that at this point I was suicidal. every living moment was agony. I looked up TOS surgeons and articles one last time and that is when I saw Kjetil’s article on TOS, diagnosing it and treating it. I followed his postural advice and my pain disappeared. that was the first weekend in 6 years that I didn’t have to take opiates. I immediately made an online appointment with Kjetil. It was the best money I ever spent.

Kjetil was friendly, listened to my symptoms and significantly altered my posture through our online appointment. He gave me exercises and made sure i understood what the correct posture was and how to properly do the exercises. To this day, I still have no pain, I am back to an active lifestyle and I do my work without suffering from pain. I cant overstate how life changing Kjetil’s advice was. He also saved me from having to get TOS decompression surgery on my left side.

Thank you Kjetil. I will forever be in your debt.