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I still find it amazing how Kjetil was able to help me with my symptoms – basically by remote-access

I found Kjetil’s practice by accident during an online research looking for answers for issues with my back mucles, glutes and paresthesia down the legs that persisted after a major discus prolaps. Kjetil has published extensive articles on various issues online, related i.a. to malfunctioning of the back msucles, glutes and iliopsoas. Explanations and tipps given in those articles already helped me. Since I live in Germany, I decided to book a skype session with Kjetil. Kjetil analyzed my situation thoroughly and in particular assessed my posture. We then went through different exercises, where Kjetil observed execution and gave corrections where necessary. So far therapists mostly suggested stretching and treated fascia. Nothing helped in the long run. Kjetil, however, suggested posture corrections and dedicated exercises targetting specific muscle groups that in his view were causing the obve mentioned issues. It worked!! The exercises in the beginning worsened some of the issues. But after only a couple of weeks the symptoms subsided substantially, just as Kjetil had predicted. Today, I still do the exercises regularly and I have adapted the posture changes Kjetil suggested. Overall, I had three skype sessions and I still find it amazing how Kjetil was able to help me with my symptoms – basically by remote-access. I learned a lot from Kjetil about posture, anatomy and the interactions of muscles. On top of all that, Kjetil not only knows what he is talking about but he also does so in a very sympathetic and friendly way. I can highly recommend Kjetil! Thank you!